Cloud Computing

The Daficionado Cloud Computing Program (DCCP) is a 2-month hands-on training program that will help candidates start a career in cloud computing, learn how cloud computing can help in their current role or make additional income as a freelance cloud computing practitioners. You will learn about the overview of various services available in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. You will also learn how to build a static websites on AWS cloud and how to store and analyse data using tools like AWS S3, AWS Glue, AWS Athena, etc.

  • We also offer a “Virtual Internship Program” where our candidates will get the opportunity to do a 3-month unpaid work experience with our company.
  • Successful candidates will have access to 3rd-party internships and jobs where available.
  • This course is taught by knowledgeable tutors and world-class mentors that have delivered data analytics, machine learning and cloud solutions for Fortune 500 companies.
  • This training program is for people (business owners, NYSC members, unemployed, working-class professionals and students) with zero or less than 3 years experience in cloud computing.
  • Candidates will be automatically signed up to an internal mentoring platform where they will get answers to their technical questions, get career and certification guidance for 3 months.
  • Our world-class program is heavily discounted by 20% (from 62,500 Naira) and is just 50,000 Naira. Sign-up below to get this discount for a limited period.
  • We hold our live virtual hands-on classes on Saturdays (once every two weeks). Plan to invest 5 hours per week to study and complete exercises.
  • We are starting with candidates from Nigeria, we will soon be expanding to other countries.
  • Sign up here to know more.
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